Witches slaughter

Witches slaughter


Let me tell you a bloody story of witches

A fullmoon nigth for an horrible carnage

Rituals begins, the inside must slaughter

A blood thirsty army of satanic witches


She manipulates you, delight to scare you

A cannibalistic rite, massacre with a axe


Witches slaughter


Hidden community, anger for sex and violence

Cups are filled with blood, organs placed on the pentacle


Cannibal monster, sacrifices to the god of perversion

Vampires devouring organs from sacrificied bodies


A bloodbath for a bisexual orgy of evil demons

Obligation of incest, knife to the throat, nigth celebration


You will become the next witch, also vicious as Satan

You slaughter your family and you eat them with us

Welcome to the deadly darkness of chaos orders

We will commit together the worst atrocities


Hidden in the forest, we wait the best moment to strike

Join us


Give your soul to the devil or you will suffer

Of sadistic inhuman tortures extended