Savage women bleeding


Admire my collection of female skull

Whore from street, you’ll suffer the same fate

I’ll kiss you before you slaughter

Your perverse corpse will rot in my room


Because you must pay for the female race

I will you wildly rape with my knife

Tonight begins the night of revenge

You will pay for all the evil you have me do


I will cut you in pieces, I drink your blood and keep your organs


Your warm blood running down my arms

Began the abominate butchery of women

I need to strangle you and then fuck you, fucking bitch


Savage women bleeding


I’ll never fall in love, murder is my cause

Sodomizing your rotting body with enjoyment

I’ll would eat women sex every day

Trophies of decomposed women flesh


Savage women bleeding


Resistance is uselles, you don’t conquer my strength

Your body and you pussy are mine forever

The whore that you are will burn in hell

I will savored your bowels sluts



Here you have no power, slutty woman, I torture you

You will regret your manipulation, sex objet, I violent rape you


Your cries have no impact, of clubbed in your face, I massacre you

Revenge of all men is accomplish through my hands

You’re nothing more


This nightmare of heartaches is finished

I masturbate on watching your body die

I ejaculate on your dead nake body


Savage women bleeding