My mind  is tormented

I’m a cannibal in secret

I’m a psychopath sexual pervert

An homosexual who want to eat a dick

Strange and unhealthy since my teens

Tortures makes me enjoy

I live alone in the house of gore


After sucking your cock

I will leather and eat it all

I want more pleasure

Phantasm of flesh

We eat it together before I cut you for devoring your flesh


Savouring your cock

Your body empties your blood

To slit your throat and keep your limbs

Hang you by the feet

I cut a piece of your anatomy

I would remember our antics

You agreed to fuck and you cut for eating your big dick


You can feel the pain settled

You can regret but it’s only too late


You will soon be no more than pieces

The result of our difficult childhoods

I would have no regrets

Desire to the extreme