cannibal massacre, cannibal massacre

cannibal massacre

Take out of your dream and see the horror you make
From the grave of your sacred ancestors, your demented desire
Acting like barbarian who will accomplish the holocaust
Tonight you begin the countdown of eternal life
Prepare your mind to the sacred carnage attitude
The last chapter is your self extermination

Now you’re ready for the final massacre,eat the coldest flesh of the dismembered bodies
Decapitation of dead rotten carcass,hameorrhage and violent cascades of blood
Fallen pieces of skinless corpses, a collection of sacrificied members
Decomposed arms and tear up arteries, infected organism by wild mutilation

Vomited bile and smashed face, your soul is just the fruit of my art
Masticated pancreas and sucked brain, i like…your mystic intelligence

Mortified, putrefied,mommified, entrails massacre
Dislocated, splattered guts, martirised, extirpation

I want only satisfy my bizarre need
Kill my suffering and let me vomit

Extreme orgasm and slash dementia
Human food is…is the result of my work