death metal
It all started in March 1996, with the group "Undertakers", developing a trash style of the 80s (kreator, slayer, sodom, sepultura) with a drummer singer, the band used to play in the Hainaut region, in the metal cafes. In October 1996, the group recorded its first demo entitled "The Forces of the Night" containing 5 tracks, which sold to fans and also released an official video of their concert at the Electric Ballroom. The band turns to trash / death with the arrival of singer Jean-Yves, who now replaces Dédé, who is dedicated solely to the drums. With a cavernous voice, similar to that of the singer (at the time) of the band Kataklysm. The lyrics of the group become gore stories. In 1997, the group welcomed a new guitarist Cassano Gabriele, who became the second rhythm guitarist, composing new tracks and performing backing vocals. It was also at this time that drummer Dede was forced to leave the group for a personal reason. The drummer is replaced by the young drummer Olivier, being in the same state of mind of the band's evolution, a brutal death metal with trash metal and black metal influences. After some time, the band members have signaled to the singer that they would like his voice to lighten slightly so that we can distinguish the words from the lyrics and sound less grind core, the one tries the tests but he can not not, he finally joins the group of Grind Core "Mucus" with Anthony (guitarist katassamalass), Gabriele will also join the group as a bassist. The group sees the passage of several bassists but who do not correspond to their expectations but still decides to record his first demo, in November 1998; entitled "Extreme Brutality", Gabriele will record bass in addition to singing and rhytmic guitar. This demo won a small success and the band plays in places like the Store 4, the Frontline, as well as various concerts in metal cafes in the Hainaut region. The band then decides to compose new songs and record a second demo which will be called "Mutilated penis". Having formed a friendship with the black metal band "Svartkrist", the group decided to record a split in his company in a studio in the Brussels region. It will be released under the label "Painkiller". After various conflicts between their musical tastes, the rest of the group wanting to evolve towards a more brutal and gabriele grind core, being the main composer, decides to leave the group and to stop "Katassamalass". The group is under the management of Nikki Neyah, who plays the group in death metal festivals with the groups: EXHUMATOR, DISJONCTOR, SERIAL BUTCHER, LOGGERHEAD, PUNISHMENT. The project is reborn in 2006, by the decision of Gabriele, continue the project solo, so as to compose the style of songs that suits him and keeping the style of the old songs but evolving in melody and technique, while remaining brutal and keeping the same influences. He then decided to record the album "Extreme Brutality", featuring all the songs that were played when he was part of the group, in tribute also to the musician who contributed to the birth of "Katassamalass"; without protest of the former members of the group, because he wrote most of the pieces and texts. The project will be solo studio albums, with collaborations.